Are general-purpose job boards right for medical recruiters?

Are general-purpose job boards right for medical recruiters?

Recruiting / February 19th, 2018


The internet has given physician recruiters the ability to find candidates who are strewn across the country. With just a few clicks, recruiters can speak with candidates in all 50 states, assess their experience, and move along the hiring process with ease. However, the internet also offers many channels for reaching candidates, and these channels are not created equally.

The problem with general-purpose job boards

When you use a job board that has no particular focus, you cannot expect your search to be very targeted, either. After all, when you compete against listings for everything from frycooks to aerospace engineers, it’s hard to stand out. And as a physician recruiter, it’s even more important that you target your ads so that you’re only reaching the qualified candidates without wasting your time and resources.

Recruiters in other industries don’t have this problem to the same extent because the jobs they hire for are often flexible. For example, a recruiter hiring for a business manager position probably wouldn’t choose someone with a music major – but it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question either, and it certainly wouldn’t be illegal. Medical recruiters don’t have the luxury of flexibility. They need to find specialty-specific candidates with very targeted backgrounds and skills.

A general-purpose job board may get you a few candidates – but is it worth navigating those highly populated waters when you could take a much more streamlined approach?

An industry-specific job board will help you find qualified candidates fast.An industry-specific job board will help you find qualified candidates fast.

Advantages of industry-specific sites

Job boards are an undeniably useful resource for recruiters. According to the Pew Research Center, 79 percent of job seekers use online resources during their search – more than personal connections. This means that recruiters can access nearly the entire pool of job hunters from the comfort of their computer.

When it comes to finding healthcare professionals, recruiters should focus on industry-specific job boards. Qualified candidates understand that they are different than the typical job seeker. They have proprietary educational backgrounds, certifications and licensure. A general-purpose board doesn’t serve their needs, either.

Plus, you shouldn’t ignore other recruiting channels which can further expand your reach, such as print and digital journals, career guides and newsletters. By utilizing multiple targeted channels, you can ensure that your message is seen by a large group of relevant readers.

To find qualified candidates and make the most of your valuable time, you should consider posting your next physician job listing on There, you can interact with some of the industry’s top talent and avoid the clutter of general-purpose job boards.