Physician recruiters: Is your branding helping or harming?

Physician recruiters: Is your branding helping or harming?

Recruiting / March 5th, 2018


Medical professionals have many options when it comes to finding a new job. It’s up to recruiters to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. To do so, you need to evaluate your brand and look for ways to make it stand out.

What makes your brand different?

Branding is all about setting your organization apart from the competition. If a job seeker can’t tell the difference between your brand and the next, you’re going to lose out on a lot of interest as well as applications. According to Laura Byrne, writing in the LinkedIn Talent Blog, strong employer branding can result in significant savings in cost per hire, as well as lower turnover rates.

Developing a unique brand incorporates a number of disciplines, from choosing colors and logos to developing useful written content. Many organizations may already have brand guidelines, though there may be opportunities for refinement. A great way to start the process is to conduct some market research. Look at what the competition is doing and ask yourself how you can position your brand differently and convey your brand values clearly.

To be successful, your brand needs to stand out in the marketplace.To be successful, your brand needs to stand out in the marketplace.

Are you starting a conversation?

As you develop your brand, you should think about how it drives a conversation. As Undercover Recruiter noted, social media presence is now an integral part of any employer brand. For medical recruiters, that means everything you put into the world should be a part of an ongoing conversation.

After all, everything you do is driving to one goal: recruiting excellent candidates. Each blog you post should drive readers to job listings, each listing to move job seekers to take an action, and those actions will lead to hiring decisions.

Are you promoting a positive experience?

It’s important to keep in mind that healthcare professionals aren’t enthused about having to hunt for another job. Even if they are currently employed, job hunters are often anxious about the future. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reported that work-related anxiety impacts home life as much as performance on the job.

Recruiters can help to reduce some of this anxiety by making the job search experience a positive one. Streamlining processes and keeping lines of communication open can go a long way toward attracting candidates to your brand.

One effective way to make things easier for potential candidates is to provide them with the ability to learn about your organization in one single place. An easy way to achieve this objective is to develop a branded mini-site, where you can showcase your organization, clearly lay out open positions and highlight additional content such as brand values, benefits, work culture and more.

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